Ransomware Tools To The Rescue!

We’ve blogged and podcasted about Ransomware many, many, times here at Shoestring Networks. As far as I’m concerned, ransomware is the story of 2016. Just two weeks ago, the San Francisco transit system was brought down by ransomware demanding payment of over $73,0001. A month ago (November 2016) the UK’s National Health System was attacked, forcing them to cancel all planned operations and divert trauma cases to other hospitals2.

Many  who are affected by ransomware have no recourse other than to pay up. Without a solid backup plan, your data is decimated by this kind of malware. Fortunately, however, quite a few of the malware authors aren’t great programmers, and the way they’ve implemented encryption is not always solid. This has opened up an opportunity for anti-virus vendors to step in with tools to help you decrypt your files whenever possible.

We’ve put together a list of some of the tools available for decrypting ransomware infections. There are different tools available across the many vendors listed below. Some companies lump all their decryptors into one tool, others make a separate tool for each type of infection. But be warned: there are quite a few strains of ransomware that are very well done; you won’t find a tool to bail you out. With that in mind, these tools should be your last ditch effort. Nothing is better than being proactive in protecting your computers from infection and backing them up with a solid 3-2-1 back up strategy.

Good luck!

1Ransomware attack on San Francisco public transit gives everyone a free ride
2Computer Virus Cripples UK Hospital System

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