Tech Tip Podcast Episode 4: What Kind of Antivirus Should I Use?

This week we answer the question “What kind of antivirus should I use?”. And the answer might surprise you. Links to help you with patching your software: Windows Update – Adobe Flash – Adobe Reader – Sun Java – Questions or comments? Email podcast[at]

Tech Tip Podcast Episode 3: Two-Factor Authentication

This week we wrap up our series on passwords and account security.  We introduce you to “two-factor authentication” and how you can use it to lock down your critical accounts.   Links in this week’s show: – This organization lists common sites that support (or don’t support) two-factor authentication – This link will take you to ...

Tech Tip Podcast Episode 2: Use a Password Manager

In this week’s episode we’re continuing our series on good password hygiene. We’ll discuss when it’s appropriate to reuse a password, and we’ll tell you what we believe the best password manager is. Links in this week’s show: Lastpass: Agilebits (1Password): Questions or comments? email podcast [at]

Tech Tip Podcast Episode 1: Choosing The Best Password

In this week’s episode of the Tech Tip Podcast we’ll introduce you to the podcast and to Shoestring Networks, and we’ll expose some myths around passwords. Then we’ll tell you how to create the best passwords to secure your digital life. Questions or comments? email podcast [at]