Keep Yourself Safe On Public WiFi

Image courtesy of Roman DritsAt Shoestring Networks, we’re all about “securing your digital stuff”. There are lots of ways for your information to “leak”: hacked websites, poor passwords, careless hardware policies to name a few.

But a common way you may be giving out personal, banking, or business-related data is by simply using the WiFi at your local coffee shop. We’ve talked about this before, in Episode 12 of our “Tech Tip Podcast“. You can listen to that episode here if you’ve missed it.

Recently we’ve connected with the folks at, a site dedicated to comparisons and reviews of different VPN services.

They have a great step-by-step guide for protecting yourself on public WiFi. Some of the suggestions are straightforward, while others may be a little harder to do in practice (“Remove Sensitive Data” and “Avoid High Profile Websites”. I do a lot of shopping on Amazon!)

Take a look at the guide at¬†and also check out their “6 Best VPN Services of 2017” chart on their home page. It’s worth considering.

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