About David

Hi, I’m David. Or Dave. A lot of people know me simply as “Dave”.

I’ve seen some crazy stuff in the years I’ve been in business (20 now, but who’s counting?). People call me when their computer or network or website does crazy stuff like popping ads all over the screen, spewing spam email, or when they wake up to find their company web site is now the hottest porn site on the net.

Oh yes, it’s happened.

So I guess you could say I’m part digital detective, part cyber-security guard. (My #secops friends will laugh when they read that).

In my former professional life, I was a programmer. I wrote a book and published a bunch of articles in tech journals. Nowadays I spend half my work day doing research and the other half helping my customers sleep soundly, knowing that their digital stuff is being protected. It's Dave!

I also host a weekly podcast aimed at helping small businesses secure their digital life. You can find it on iTunes here.

When I’m not working, I’ve got a pretty crazy, but great life. I’ve been married to my high-school crush for 28 years. I have five incredibly handsome sons, 3 dogs, 3 chickens, and 2 rabbits. (Insert “Old McDonald” here).

I live in Memphis, an under-rated town, for sure. If you’re headed this way, drop me an email and I’ll tell you where the best barbeque is. But don’t ask me to go to Graceland. I’ve been, and once is enough.

Scott Family

I do still have time for some hobbies. I play rugby for the Memphis Blues, and all my kids play rugby as well, so my wife has to be a pretty good nurse. And for some reason I have an affinity for old Mercedes Benz diesels. They’re cranky, but solid. Classic.


You can email me at david.scott[@]shoestringnetworks.com.

Or find me on Twitter at @shoestringdave.

Great to meet you!